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Blogging for Business: 50 steps to traffic and sales

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Online marketing is promoting products or services, whether yours or for someone else, over the Internet, and getting paid for it.

Affiliate marketing is not a whole lot different than starting a brick-and-mortar franchise where the parent company does the selling for us. We reap the rewards of the parent company’s prior efforts and serve the public what the parent company offers.

However, marketing on the Internet involves getting the business TO the parent company to make the sale. Therefore, affiliates and business owners, alike, do a lot of advertising and ad writing through ezines, e-mail, websites, blogs, videos, social media, pay-per-click, forums, etc. The creative mind is always at work.

The FTC has imperative information about disclosures regarding Internet marketing.  Click here to listen to interview with Jim Edwards (internet marketer) and Mr. Cleland, of the FTC. Although an old article, it makes a good point.

"It takes money to make money" so goes the cliché. How true. An affiliate online marketeer is a company representative. The good part is that you can represent hundreds of companies or specialize in only a few. You can put in as much time and/or money as you desire. Effort and investment brings its own reward.

Having any kind of business is like raising a child. To be successful, you need PATIENCE, MONEY, DEDICATION, and LOVE. Without these four ingredients, something is bound to suffer.

**TIP: Desire is the key. Knowledge is the power.

Know your product!! We can’t emphasize this enough. Knowing your product allows you to convey knowledge and passion into your website, blog, forum post or email. Visitors or "readers" will detect deception otherwise. The tools and tidbits offered in this website are here for your consideration.

1. TRUE: Every serious online marketer needs a website from which to work.

For the "Do-It-Yourselfer", check out Site Sell, additionally known as Site Build It. It has all the tools you’ll need to produce a profitable website of your own, from customized templates to keyword selection to meta-tag placement to strategy lessons and guides. Their tools incorporate search engine ranking and placement tips. costs less than a dollar/day! Check out the "Site Build It" informative FREE Video Tour!


Build your site with HostGator, a world leading provider of shared, reseller and dedicated web hosting. It’s a privately held company based in Houston, Texas, with a full in-house support team of over 150 industry veterans. Customers are not required to sign up for any contract longer than month to month service. They have no setup fees on any of their plans which start as low as $4.95/mo. Check out Hostgator service here. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

OR is one of the World’s Fastest Growing Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration Companies, currently hosting over 500,000 websites. With an iPower Pro plan, you can get a domain name, SSL (secure server capabilities), databases, e-commerce, website builder, and you can host unlimited domains for client packages. Their Pro plan starts at an affordable $7.95 (sometimes on sale).

2. TRUE:  If an affiliate business is a REAL business, one needs to have knowledge of their marketing and site performance.

Affiliate Reporting software is an important tool if you’re taking business seriously.

Affiliate Marking software has full integration with all major search engines and affiliate networks (including several tier 2 affiliate networks). It also includes automated profitability analysis, alarms and notifications, bid management, customization and support, integrated keyword suggestion, and a simple-to-use set-up wizard.

3. TRUE: An online marketing person has total control over his/her hours and income.

As an online marketing person, you can work from your home or during your travels… any time that’s convenient to you. Many people make online Internet marketing a full-time job, devoting 8 hours or more per day. Successful marketers often create one blog or one page per day, constantly adding to their ‘portfolio’ of websites and/or products. 

4. TRUE: Affiliate companies pay anywhere from 3% – 75% of sale.

Some companies offer incentive bonuses. Fortune 500 companies have a brand that sells. But because overhead may be high, or because they have physical products with low profit margins, they often pay a lower commission. However, volume comes from recognized brand names and if an affiliate creates an effective PreSell page, the volume of sales adds up, thus increasing the affiliate’s profit. Many Fortune 500 companies offer increased commissions for high performance from their affiliates. Digital products that can be resold over and over via downloads will pay higher percentages to affiliates. Their overhead is low, often resulting in 75% of the sale being paid as commissions.

5. TRUE: You should Read, Study and Use the information that meets your need.

Find your niche of interest and expertise. One e-book we found useful for one who’s contemplating an affiliate business is the Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosalind Gardner. It covers everything from A-Z. This handbook will start you at the beginning and take you through to the end, explaining all affiliate tools and paths. It’s been in my library for a number of years and is full of physical bookmarks, torn post-it notes, and highlighted text. Check it out.

**TIP: If you build it, they don’t always come. Content alone doesn’t do it. Traffic alone doesn’t do it. A website needs content, traffic, credibility and trust.